Pacific snow crab from Ishikawa

Male Pacific snow crabs caught in the waters off Ishikawa Prefecture are referred to as "Kano crab." It is a brand crab that the fishermen are proud to provide.
Kano crab grow up in the nutrition-rich waters of the Sea of Japan and when the shell of their plump legs is cracked open, the meat is so tightly packed that it almost spills out.
The meat of a boiled Kano crab is fluffy, moist and sweet, with a delicate deliciousness.
The haracteristic flavor of the rich "kani miso" paste of innards inside the shell is also highly prized.
It is a symbol of the seafood on which Ishikawa Prefecture prides itself and we hope you will enjoy it each time winter comes. In Ishikawa Prefecture, female Pacific snow crabs are referred to as "Kobako crab," referring to a kind of incense box. They hold an abundance of orange-colored immature eggs and innards inside their shells, and brown, granular eggs in their bellies, which is an unmatched treat that can only be enjoyed locally.

Text in collaboration with: Ishikawa Prefecture Fisheries Cooperative Association (JF Ishikawa), Wajima branch

Partnership with Producers and Local Communities

Ogawa & Co., Ltd., Wajima City, and Ishikawa Prefecture Fisheries Co-operative Associations Wajima branch signed a “Business Partnership Agreement” on June 21, 2021.
Through the agreement, Ogawa & Co., Ltd. promotes efforts to contribute to improve the brand recognition and value of fishery resources in Wajima City and vitalize the community together with Wajima City and Ishikawa Prefecture Fisheries Co-operative Associations Wajima branch.