Kyoho Grape from YAMANASHI

Kyoho (Vitis vinifera ‘Kyoho’)

Grapes grown in Japan can be divided into three categories: European varieties, which have a history of being used to make wine; American varieties, which have been used to make dried grapes and juice; and European and American hybrids, which are a cross between the two. Kyoho-grape is a European-American hybrid grown in Japan and the fruit is very large in size. The aroma and taste of grapes vary greatly depending on the variety. Kyoho-grapes are known for their richness of flavor and are particularly high in sugar content near the vine. The white powder on the fruit shows that it is fresh and has a good balance of sweetness and acidity. A bunch of grapes can reach 50 to 100 grains. The growers take great care in manually picking out the smaller fruits to let the promising grains grow large, to nurture the important characteristic of Kyoho-grapes.