NAF™ C Functional Ingredients

Key features
NAF C is a natural flavor that can mask the off-flavors generated over time by light irradiation in citrus products.

NAF C can keep the original flavor profile of citrus products by masking off-flavors.

NAF is a trademark of Ogawa & Co., Ltd. in Japan.

Characteristics of NAF C

NAF C masks off-flavors caused by light exposure during the display of citrus products in supermarkets and convenience stores, thereby maintaining the flavor profile.

Off-flavors caused by light irradiation of products containing citral

Products containing citral would have off-flavors such as metallic and vinyl notes when exposed to light.

Masking Effects of NAF C=Lemon Flavored drink=

NAF C can mask the light-induced off-flavors in lemon beverages and retain the fresh lemon flavor.