Kabosu from OITA

Kabosu (Citrus sphaerocarpa)

Kabosu is known for its mild acidity and refreshing aroma, and Oita Prefecture accounts for approximately 98% of the nation's production(in 2017). In Oita Prefecture, it is an indispensable specialty that is enjoyed with grilled fish, sashimi, fried foods, and shochu(Japanese liquor) to bring out the taste of the culinary. It is said that the cultivation of Kabosu in the area began in the Edo period when a doctor named Sogen brought back a seedling from Kyoto and planted it in Oita, and since the 1960s the cultivation has expanded even more. It has been reported in recent research that the aroma of Kabosu has a relaxing effect, while the citric acid and vitamin C contained have anti-fatigue and antioxidant effects.

Text in collaboration with: Oita Prefecture Kabosu Promotion Association

Partnership with Producers and Local Communities

Ogawa & Co., Ltd. has signed a "Partnership Agreement concerning Aromas" with Oita Prefecture and a "Partnership Agreement to establish a Research Center" with Saiki City, Oita on August 23, 2019. We will continue our efforts to communicate the appeal of Oita Prefecture’s agriculture, forestry and fisheries products, both in Japan and abroad.