Apple from JAPAN

Apple (Malus pumila Mill.)

Originally, smaller apples originating from China were introduced and cultivated in Japan. The large apples we see today are the result of the breeding and crossbreeding of varieties imported from the United States around 1870. The fruit is fragrant with a sweet and refreshing acidity. Western apples are suitable for processing, such as confectionery, dried fruit and apple wine. Japanese apples, on the other hand, are very tasty when eaten fresh, with their excellent sugar content and crisp texture, and are popular all over the world. Apples are grouped into "early-season", "mid-season" and "late-season" varieties depending on the time of harvest. Early-season apples are more soft and have a higher acidity. Mid-season varieties have a good balance of sweetness and acidity, while late-season varieties have high sugar content and low acidity. Due to having high preservation properties, apples are sold all year round, but perfectly ripened in-season apples are considered especially delicious.