Yuzu from JAPAN

Yuzu (Citrus junos)

Yuzu is especially well known worldwide and is one of Japan's representative citrus fruits. Its weight is around 130g and its thick skin has uneven bumps, which are referred to as “Yuzu-skin”. It is resistant to cold, but grows slowly, and it is said that it takes 18 years for a Yuzu tree to bear fruit. Its flesh is soft, juicy and pale yellow in color, and has a citric acidity and a brilliant fragrance. It can be enjoyed as a young green fruit in summer or as a ripe yellow fruit in winter, with a citrusy and floral aroma. On the winter solstice, when the daylight hours are the shortest among the year, a “Yuzu bath” is enjoyed with the whole fruit or the peel floating in the tub. It is popularly known as a way to stay healthy and avoid catching a cold, and has supported people's health since the ancient times.