Mango from Miyazaki

Mango (Mangifera indica)

The Irwin variety of mango is grown in Miyazaki Prefecture, and is noted for being kept on the treeuntil it reaches full maturity, turning as red as an apple! Mango cultivation in Miyazaki Prefecture began in 1985, at eight farms.
Following coordination and cooperation on growing and sales by the growers, Japan Agricultural Cooperatives (JA), and other related bodies united under the motto "Miyazaki is one," production volume is currently (as of 2019) the second highest in the nation and sales are the highest in the country.
It has firmly established its status as the representative fruit of Miyazaki.
In "Japan's sunny spot, Miyazaki Prefecture," the mangoes bathe in abundant sunshine,thoroughly accumulating sweetness in their orange-colored flesh, captivating those who eat them with rich flavor and a melting texture, as well as a sweet and mellow aroma that evokes the tropics.

Text in collaboration with: Miyazaki Prefecture

Partnership with Producers and Local Communities

Ogawa & Co., Ltd. signed a “Partnership Agreement concerning Aromas” with Miyazaki Prefecture on October 27, 2021.
Through the agreement, Ogawa & Co., Ltd.
promotes efforts to contribute to improve the brand recognition and value of Miyazaki Prefecture’s agriculture, forestry and fishery resources together with Miyazaki Prefecture.