Strawberry : Amaou from Fukuoka

Amaou (Fragaria ananassa)

A strawberry cultivated over five years at the Fukuoka Prefecture Agricultural Experiment Station.
It has a high ratio of large fruit, and a deep-red skin with excellent luster.
It is not just sweet, but as an excellent variety with rich flavor, it conveys a balance of sweet tartness.
The name "Amaou" is an acronym of the Japanese words for "red, round, big, and yummy," which are the characteristics of this variety.
The name also contains the wish that it become the king of strawberries. As of 2022, it is cultivated only in Fukuoka Prefecture.

Text in collaboration with: JA Zen-Noh Fukuren.
*Amaou is a trademark of the National Federation of Agricultural Cooperative Associations in Japan.