Sudachi from TOKUSHIMA

Sudachi (Citrus sudachi)

Sudachi is a citrus closely related to Yuzu and is grown mainly in Tokushima Prefecture. The fruit is small, about 30 grams, and the skin is hard to peel. The juice is squeezed and used in place of vinegar. It is named after the way it is consumed, as the name “Sudachi” comes from “Su (vinegar)” and “Tachibana (a traditional name for another citrus fruit)”. It has a refreshing flavor due to its sour juice, with a spicy aroma. It goes well with a variety of herbs and spices such as basil, pepper, cardamom and cumin. In fall, you can find them sold with the seasonal gastronomy of matsutake mushrooms. Sudachi is said to be good for recovery from fatigue, and studies have reported on the prevention of diabetes by controlling the rise in blood pressure.