Cherry Blossom from IZU-OSHIMA

Oshima Cherry (Cerasus speciose)

Oshima Cherry is one of the original 10 species of cherry trees and is the ancestor of the most famous cherry tree in Japan, Someiyoshino. It is named after the fact that they grow on the island of Izu-Oshima, Tokyo, and the old tree that represents the species has been designated as a Special Natural Monument of Japan. It blooms in early April, just as the leaves come out. Therefore, we can enjoy the magnificent color contrast of the white petals and green leaves. It has been appreciated as a cherry blossom viewing species as it bears many flowers in comparison with others. Currently, there are over 600 species of cherry trees through cross-breeding and mutation, but most of them have very weak fragrance. Ohshima Cherry has a rich and luxurious fragrance that you can feel just by standing underneath the tree. It has an impressive soft, bright, light scent with a hint of cassis green, and has a long history as a symbol of Japan's cherry blossom culture.

Text in collaboration with: NPO Izu Oshima Tourism Revitalization Project

Partnership with Producers and Local Communities

Ogawa & Co., Ltd. has signed an agreement with the NPO Izu Oshima Tourism Revitalization Project on December 10, 2019. We will engage in improving the brand value of Izu Oshima and revitalizing the region through the aroma of natural resources from Izu Oshima, such as Oshima cherry trees.