Pineapple from OKINAWA

Pineapple (Ananas comousu (L.) Merr.)

Pineapples are grown in tropical / subtropical regions around the world, and in Japan they are grown in Okinawa Prefecture. The name comes from the shape and taste of the fruit – a pineapple looks like a pinecone and tastes like an apple. In summer, a hump-shape forms at the top of the stem and becomes the fruit. As it ripens, the leaves grow out again from the top of the stem. It is deep green when young and turns golden as it ripens. The fruit is very succulent and has a sweet, sour and aromatic taste. It is often used in canned foods, juices, jams and dried fruits. Pineapples are used in meat dishes too, due to containing protein-degrading enzymes. Its unique sourness and aroma are used in seasonings such as ketchup and sauces, and it is popular in a wide range of applications.

Text in collaboration with: Higashi Village, Okinawa Prefecture

Partnership with Producers and Local Communities