We conduct hiring and decisions on job type and assignment, promotion and demotion independent of the person’s race, religion, nationality, education, gender and age.
・For both men and women, the rate of return to work after childcare leave is 100%
・The number of men taking childcare leave was 2 in 2019 -> 4 in 2020 -> 7 in 2021

Personnel Development

Regarding overall company training, we carry out graded training that is determined by the person’s job grade and years since joining the company, and specialized training and training for selected participants according to their job function.
In training by grade, we carry out, at the appropriate time, training of new recruits through to management with the necessary content for each grade or year since joining the company.
For new recruits and young employees who request it, we use a mentor system in which a work superior of a similar age supports them as an adviser.

Examples of training according to grade

・Introductory training
・Career design training
・Management training

Within the training provided according to job function, as well as specialized training in flavors and fragrances, we offer selectable training to foster managers and give instruction for selected participants.

Examples of specialized training and selected training

【Examples of specialized training and selected training】
・Training by job type
・Language training
・Selectable training (external training, correspondence courses, etc., selected according to the necessary skills the person wants to attain)

Maintenance of a physically and mentally safe and healthy work environment

We observe work-related laws and regulations and maintain a work environment that is safe and hygienic.
Through the health and safety committee, the establishment of an employee assistance program consultation liaison, consultation with an occupational health physician, etc., we maintain an environment in which employees can lead a life that is both mentally and physically healthy.