Strengthening Information Security

We have formulated an information security policy and are strengthening our information security.
We have also been ensuring awareness of information security and education related to it and are increasing employee literacy, skills and understanding regarding information security.
Furthermore, we are building mechanisms to minimize the risk and extent of damage from potential information security problems by introducing security software and standardized specifications for the electronic devices we use, regular checks of the devices, and regular evaluations and correction of any vulnerability in connections with external systems (the internet).

Formulation of a BCP

We have formulated a business continuity plan that anticipates various types of risks and we are putting together a system that can keep our business operating.
We are considering what the key factors that could impact business continuity are and are determining appropriate response measures.

Exhaustion of resources
Cultivation by our company by entering the agricultural industry, consignment cultivation

Natural disasters
Having multiple manufacturing sites, the holding of safety stock

Country risk
Risk assessment in collaboration with a financial institution

Intellectual property
Protection of our company’s intellectual property, prevention of infringement on other companies’ intellectual property

Spread of infectious disease
A rotational duty roster system and telework depending on the level of prevalence