Regional Revitalization

Regional agricultural production

Beginning with Saiki City in Oita Prefecture, we contribute to regional communities in various areas throughout Japan through our company’s cultivation of citrus fruit, herbs and flowers.

Sharing the appeal of unique regional agricultural, forestry and fishery products

In partnership with municipalities, producer cooperatives, and companies in regions throughout Japan, we are promoting the development, manufacturing, and sales of flavor and fragrance products such as essential oils and extracts that utilize attractive agricultural, forestry and fishery products from many locations.

Support for Culture, the Arts, Sport

Briobecca Urayasu, a soccer team based in Urayasu City, Chiba Prefecture, where our Maihama Research Center is.

We carry out activities that support culture, the arts and sport.

Japan Philharmonic Orchestra
Special exhibitions at Otsuka Museum of Art and the Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo
Osaka Semba Expo
Open House Osaka
Briobecca Urayasu soccer team