Reduction of Energy Use

Our Okayama Factory, which introduced a highly energy-efficient gas-burning boiler

We have set mid-to-long-term goals for the reduction of energy use and are pursuing the following initiatives to reduce the amount of energy we use.

・Analyze energy use through the utilization of a central monitoring system
・Continually inspect and repair existing facilities
・Proactively introduce environmentally friendly, energy-saving equipment
・Conserve energy by improving the production process

Reduction of Greenhouse Gases

We have set mid-to-long-term goals for greenhouse gasses (GHG) reduction, and are pursuing the following initiatives to reduce GHG in Scope 1, Scope 2 and Scope 3.
・Implement initiatives to reduce energy use (mentioned above)
・Introduce renewable energy
・Change to low-GHG-emitting types of fuel
・Change the type of refrigerant in fluorocarbon-using equipment
・Proactively procure ingredients with low GHG emissions
・Optimize and minimize the means of transportation and the number of deliveries
・Reduce waste of products and ingredients through close communication with customers

Reduce GHG emissions from energy for the first half of fiscal 2022 by 5% (compared with the previous year)

Planting of trees

In agreement with the principle of the Japan Nature and Culture Foundation of “contributing to the advancement of the public good and aiding regional revitalization and the succession to the next generation of culture, tradition and the environment by fostering conservation of Japan’s natural resources,” we are carrying out tree planting activities.
In Izu Oshima, we are conducting tree planting activities with the aim of revitalizing tourism in the area by making it famous for the Oshima cherry, establishing sustainable ways of using Oshima cherry trees, and continuously promoting the appeal of the Oshima cherry tree.
At the same time, by planting trees, we will also increase the amount of CO2 that is absorbed, contributing to measures against climate change.