Reduction of Waste Throughout the Supply Chain

As we value very highly not letting any of our finite resources go to waste and utilizing nature’s blessings in their entirety in our flavor and fragrance products,
We are pursuing the following initiatives to reduce waste in the entire supply chain while maintaining highly stable quality and supply.

・Extract aromas from parts of agricultural, forestry and fishery products that are discarded during preliminary processing (upcycling)
・Reuse processing aids
・Turn plant residue into compost and consign its treatment
・Sell the valuable sections of waste oil
・Thoroughly separate materials to reduce landfill waste
・Reduce the weight of packaging and change cushioning material
・Reduce product and raw material waste in close communication with customers

Reduction of Waste Water & Exhaust

To protect water and air, which are the foundation of the global environment, we are promoting the following initiatives to reduce waste water and exhaust.

・Collect and reuse water expelled by heat-exchange equipment (amount of water utilized effectively in 2021: about 6 t)
・Install deodorization equipment and toxic substance removal equipment for exhaust
・Prevent external odor leakage by regularly checking on odor at and around our production sites

Thorough Management of Chemical Substances

Because we use many chemical substances as raw materials and as products, fire prevention and ensuring worker safety are matters of the highest priority for us. We are pursuing the following initiatives in the thorough management of chemical substances.
・Observe the Industrial Safety and Health Act, Fire Service Act and other related laws and regulations
・Appropriately deploy various types of supervisors, including a safety officer, fire prevention manager, head of organic solvent use
・Conduct site patrols and systematic education of employees by the health and safety committee and self-defense fire brigade
・Reduce risk to the human body through thorough preparation of the safety data sheet, implementation of risk assessment, local exhaust ventilation, the wearing of protection
・Store chemical substances at facilities that meet appropriate safety regulations
・Ascertain and report the amount of usage of applicable chemical substances in line with the Pollutant Release and Transfer Register system (Act on Confirmation, etc. of Release Amounts of Specific Chemical Substances in the Environment and Promotion of Improvements to the Management Thereof)
・Collect global related information

In 2017, our Okayama Factory was awarded the Director of the Fire and Disaster Management Agency’s award for excellent hazardous materials management