A commitment to "good taste"

Our rich lineup of ingredients starts with domestic natural materials, and we make daily efforts in pursuit of "good taste" from various angles through instrumental analyses, such as retronasal analysis, latest palatability, and trend evaluation, as well as other methods, to create valuable flavors.

Offering solutions for each costumer

We offer a wide range of suitable solutions that deal with the task of making products for each individual customer through various procedures, such as reducing unpleasant odors and increasing temporal stability (NAF™), and carbonation and stimulation (CARBOSATION™).

A rich lineup for different purposes

Various factors, such as aroma release, stability over time, and aroma balance that changes during the manufacturing process, vary for each application (beverages, confectionery, seasoned foods, etc.). Our expert team develop the most suitable flavors and propose it quickly.

Safe and secure products

We offer safe and secure products with strict quality control based on international certification standards. Necessary information on our product development concerning each country's legislation, halal and kosher, and natural status is provided promptly and accurately.

Developing new technologies and materials

At our material development center, we conduct research and development of natural and synthetic flavors and fragrances materials, as well as functional materials. We offer new tastes and values with these unique technologies and ingredients.

NAF,CARBOSATION are trademarks of Ogawa & Co., Ltd. in Japan.

Flavor product lineup

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Flavors that use Japanese natural materials
Because we use domestic natural essential oils and extracts, our flavors express an originally natural taste and distinctive character. We recommend this lineup to manufacturers who want to develop products that give importance to domestic products and real flavor.
Retronasal flavor
We have recreated the realistic taste with flavor by applying Retronasal Flavor Impression Screening System analysis of the aromas that pass from the mouth into the nose during actual food and drink consumption. We recommend these to solidify the flavors of beverages and foods when they are insufficient.
Masking flavors
These flavors can dispel cooking odors produced during manufacturing, off-odors produced over time, unpleasant odors coming from materials such as vitamins, and the characteristic flavors of artificial sweeteners. We offer a wide range of solutions, starting with our unique NAF™ technology. NAF is a trademark of Ogawa & Co., Ltd. in Japan.
Flavors that replicate the aroma of cooking
These flavors recreate the flavors of meals while, or right after, being cooked with our unique analysis techniques. We recommend these if you would like to add a fresh flavor to ready-made frozen or retort food that lasts a long time after manufacturing.
Foods that reproduce the umami of meat using only vegetable ingredients
This food ingredient brings out a deliciously refined, rich, and strong umami flavor. Its umami flavor is abundant and has a naturally seasoned aroma. We recommend this ingredient when you would like to add a strong flavor without using aromatic ingredients, such as in plant-based foods.
Halal flavors
These flavors are halal certified. We recommend this flavor for products that can safely be used by Muslims.