Aroma Ingredients

We offer ingredients that only a historic Japanese flavor and fragrance maker can provide. Furthermore, we are able to shorten the time for development by using bases suitable for each type of use. Please feel free to contact us about small-scale expenditures, small MOQ, and short lead times.

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Domestically produced essential oils and extracts
High-class natural essential oils and extracts (natural perfume raw materials) that meticulously bring out the aromas as well as great taste of the appealing agricultural, forestry, and fishery products of Japan.
Natural ingredients
Natural aroma ingredients lineup with high quality, potency, and solubility, based on our processing technology cultivated over many years.
Aroma chemicals
We have put together a wide range of products, from commodities to niches.
Flavor bases
Flavoring bases for use as ingredients for flavors. We have a variety of sweet and savory flavor items.
Fragrance bases
Fragrance blends that can be used as ingredients for fragrances. We have a variety of fragrances including natural essential oil blends.