Childhood memories. Memories of times spent with those dear to you. A pure, pleasant place. The perfumer brings unlimited ideas of yours to life through fragrances.
Fragrances that use Japanase natural materials.
A fragrance series that uses ingredients for which Japan prides itself in the global arena. We created these by using selected materials from each region of Japan, ingredients recognized around the world, such as yuzu, matcha, and hinoki. Using ethical and sustainable ingredients, sourced with consideration to the Earth's environment as well as the working environment of producers and manufacturers, we have assembled a vast lineup of fragrances that suit the needs of users as well as the public. For people involved in brands with sustainability and ethics as their keywords, people who want to convey the appeal of products made in Japan with the added value of carefully selected domestically produced materials, and people who want to deliver the soothing authentic flavors and fragrances to all people of today's complex times.
Essential oil blend
Perfumers are professionals who know the real fragrances of the world. For example, they properly use roses that are of the same type but grown in different regions, depending on the scene. This fragrance series is their creation using essential oils carefully selected from all over the world, evoking the real, deep feeling of luxury only natural aromas can provide. For people involved in brands with a natural concept, people who want to express a unique worldview through materials from around the world, starting with Japan, and for people who want to express nature's richness and strength through essential oils.
Trend fragrances
With the short life cycles of recent products, the trends and changes of flavors and fragrances keep evolving, too. We got a deep understanding of these changes thanks to our unique analysis method, and developed fragrances for the next generation. We deliver over 3,000 types of flavor and fragrance materials that match our new times, starting with domestically produced essential oils and extracts. Carefully made flavors and fragrances for people who want to bring their products to a wide range of target demographics, from high-end groups to regular customers.
Fragrances to match a lifestyle
For times such as waking up in the morning, focusing during core time, relaxing during breaks, and going to sleep at night, we offer fragrances that fit life's scenes and routines. We have brought to the table fragrances that support people's daily lives, thanks to scientific analyses that have found psychological effects of fragrances through brain wave scanning. For people who are developing products for the support of sleep, waking up, relaxation, and concentration.
Perming and hair color agent masking fragrances
These products provide a pleasant fragrance to mask strong base material odor (irritating ammonia smell, base smell coming from thioglycolic acid) or the reactive odor after hair treatment. Without impairing the necessary functions of perming and hair color agents, their high pH value makes each product safe and durable. For people developing perming agents and hair color agents, people who worry about the specific odor of the specific products, and for people who would like more people to enjoy perming and hair color.
Odor care fragrances
A masking fragrance series made to deal with worries about sweat odor, scalp odor, and bad breath. We have added a new lineup as a femtech solution for issues such as menstrual odor. It harmonizes and masks, adding a shield of safety when you want to deal with the issue but cannot do so fully. For people who want to use products that take care of odors such as sweat, scalp odor, bad breath, and stool, as well as people involved with brands and products related to femtech.
Halal fragrances
"These fragrances are halal certified. They are manufactured at specialized plants certified by the HALAL ASSURANCE SYSTEM*. * We provide speedy delivery of fragrances that Muslims can safely use certified by the MUI (Indonesian halal certification body)."