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Analytical Laboratory

We're making an effort to ensure the safety of using raw materials so that customers can use our products free from worry.

 Our Flavor Department produces flavors for a wide range of products, including processed foods, desserts, confections, coffee, juice, and tea. Our Fragrance Department also creates fragrances that provide lifestyles with comfort and enjoyment in product fields such as cosmetics, shampoos, hair care, and air fresheners.

These products are created using various kinds of foods or natural raw materials.

All raw materials used for our products are analyzed in detail by the Analytical Laboratory to ensure their safety.

We're also confirming the stability of our developed products so that customers can use our products free from worry.

The Analytical Laboratory started in April, 2008, but the analysis technology of raw materials and the stability analysis of products have been available for a long time, and are standard techniques.

New analytical methods are also developed at the Analytical Laboratory, and these methods are useful for the investigation of key compounds which contribute to the taste and the aroma of a natural product or a food.

We have previously advanced the flavor analysis of green tea, coffee and milk and clearly identified contributing compounds of these flavors. These research results were used for the development of new products and were also published as presentations at conferences and in many journals.

The Analytical Laboratory is supported the development of products, which match the concept that customers are requesting, by the safety confirmation of using raw materials and the research of contributing compounds of natural products and foods.