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We at Ogawa & Co., Ltd. are exploring the further possibilities of flavors and fragrances together with our customers, to help build a more fulfilling society.

It is our mission at Ogawa & Co., Ltd. to contribute to the building of an enriched and healthy society through the creation of flavors and fragrances. Ever since our founding in 1893, we have provided a diversity of flavors and fragrances for all sorts of products, including foods, beverages, soaps, and shampoos. The tastes and scents we have delivered still exist as trends of the times. Today, as customer needs and preferences diversify, we strive to take on the challenges of a more advanced world of flavors and fragrances, such as the development of flavors and fragrances which provide added value to final products in shapes such as health, good taste, and healing.
Through our long history, we have acquired a wealth of knowledge about aromatic ingredients, and also possess original technology in areas such as extraction from natural materials, sensory evaluation, compounding, and application in final products. This store of expertise is used to its fullest in proposing and collaborating with our customers. We strive to be the company most trusted in providing added value to products through flavors and fragrances. To achieve this vision, we have concentrated our research and development resources in our Maihama Research Center and Material Research & Development Center and made systematic arrangements for development of products together with our customers. In addition, aside from the sophisticated production technology and the quality control system, our main production site, the Tsukuba Plant is equipped with presentation rooms, sensory evaluation rooms, and other facilities to manufacture products in close coordination with customers. Our overseas plants in Indonesia and China develop products that are optimal for the local market. Pursuing the endless possibilities of flavors and fragrances hand in hand with our customers, Ogawa & Co., Ltd. is moving toward globalization.
Ogawa & Co., Ltd. continues to evolve to adapt to the new age, while cherishing a "corporate heart" which emphasizes safety, quality, and the environment in all its actions. We are determined to open up new vistas in flavors and fragrances to contribute to the well-being of society.

Yutaka Ogawa Chief Executive Officer   Yutaka Ogawa
Chief Executive Officer