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Founded in 1893, Ogawa regards customer trust as its most precious asset and continues to create "flavors and fragrances of the times".
Paper lantern bearing the crest of the Ogawa family and box emblazoned with the mercantile crest (time of foundation)

Ogawa head office (1934)

Flavor pamphlets (around 1950)

Centrifugal spray-drier equipment (around 1960)

Tokyo Laboratory (Akabane) (1965-75)

Pasting of labels on flavors and fragrances products (around 1985)

Ceremony to commemorate the company centennial (1993)

Tsukuba Research Center(Material R&D Center)

1893 Foundation of Ogawa Shoten, dealer of aromatic materials, in Higashi-ku, Osaka
1912 Incorporation of Ogawa Shoten and re-inauguration as an unlimited partnership
1933 Reorganization for expansion of business and future advancement, and establishment of the joint-stock company, Ogawa Koryoten
1934 Opening of the Tokyo store and development of business in Tokyo
1939 Relocation of the Tokyo store to 4-15 Nihonbashi Honcho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo (the current location of the head office)
1943 Change of trade name to Ogawa Kako Co. Ltd.
1945 Change of trade name to the current Ogawa & Co. Ltd.
1949 Establishment of the Tokyo Factory
1951 Construction of a plant for manufacturing flavors
1958 Start of production of powdered flavors (installation of the No.1 centrifugal spray-drier equipment)
1959 Closing of the Tokyo Factory, and establishment of the Tokyo Laboratory for research of fragrances and Shimura (Akabane) Laboratory for research of flavos
1970 Certification as an export-contributing firm by the Ministry of International Trade and Industry
Acceptance as a sales agent for lemon juices produced by Ventura Coastal, LLC.
1977 Accession in the Research Institute for Fragrance Materials (RIFM)
1983 Completion of the Okayama Factory and start-up of full operation
1993 Celebration of the company centennial
1995 Establishment of P.T. Ogawa Indonesia in Karawang (near Jakarta), Indonesia
1998 Opening of the Tokyo head office. The former head office in Osaka was changed to a branch office.
1999 Establishment of the Maihama Research Center in Urayasu-shi, Chiba
2000 ISO 9001 certification of all offices (at the time)
2001 Establishment of sales offices in Taiwan (Taipei) and China (Shanghai)
2002 Establishment of Ogawa Flavors & Fragrances (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. in Shanghai, China
2004 Establishment of the Tsukuba Plant as the second production site in Japan
Joint development of coffee extracts in cooperation with FNC(FederaciĆ³n Nacional de Cafeteros de Colombia)
2005 Formation of SUNDIA Co., LTD. through merger of Saniku SUNDIA, Tokyo SUNDIA, and Kyushu SUNDIA companies
2007 ISO 14001 certification of the Okayama Factory and Tsukuba Plant to strive for coexistence with the environment
2008 Establishment of the Tsukuba Plant Production Site No.2 especially for manufacture of food products, including extracts, etc.
2012 FSSC 22000 and ISO 22000 certification for our production sites both in Japan and overseas.
2013 Establishment of Ogawa Flavors & Fragrances (Singapore) Pte. Ltd. in Singapore
Establishment of Ogawa Flavors and Fragrances (Taiwan) Co.,Ltd.
Celebration of the 120th Anniversary of the company's founding
2016 Establishment of the Korea Office in Seoul
2017 March. Establishment of Tsukuba Research Center on Tsukuba Plant premises
July. Establishment of Bangkok Representative Office in Bangkok
2018 January. Renamed Tsukuba Research Center as Material R&D Center
May. Establishment of Nagoya Office
July. Closing of Bangkok Representative Office, and establishment of Ogawa Flavors & Fragrances (Thailand) Co.,Ltd. in Bangkok
2019 March. Closing of the Korea Office, and establishment of Ogawa & Co., Ltd. Korea Branch in Seoul
July. Establishment of Vietnam Representative Office in Vietnam