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Tsukuba Plant

New technology introduction and infrastructure development help maintain production systems emphasizing safety, quality and the environment.

The Tsukuba Plant, where Ogawa's techniques and know-how have come together

In 2004, we opened the Tsukuba Plant on the outskirts of Tsukuba City in Ibaraki Prefecture, which is close to the Tokyo metropolitan area. In order to meet the market needs promptly, we have set the following objectives in opening the plant: to strengthen the ties between the sales, R&D and production teams, and to establish an effective system for carrying out product development together with our customers. This plant concentrates Ogawa's latest techniques and know-how. For instance, to increase business opportunities for functional materials and natural extracts, we have introduced a variety of the latest equipment, including such specialized devices as the Spinning Cone Column (SCC) device and the supercritical carbon dioxide extraction device.

Introduction of the most up-to-date systems for thorough quality assurance

 At the Tsukuba Plant, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), whose introduction has been the first in the industry, is combined with Manufacturing Execution System (MES), Distribution Control System (DCS) and material handling. By doing so, management integrating all processes from raw material procurement to production, and distribution and sales has become possible, allowing us to pursue a complete traceability system and promptness in the production scene. Through realizing these systems, a structure ensuring greater safety and operations in line with compliance has become possible, making our quality assurance system even more reliable. The improved structure includes a strict inspection system for the materials used, and a confirmation system for formulation designing and production transfer.

We have also adopted touch panel controls for various systems used in the production scene to prevent contamination. Material handling has been introduced to shut down the conveyance line and make sanitation control easier. Efforts are being made to carry out strict quality control so that customers can comfortably use our products.


The Tsukuba Plant Second Wing

 A completely new plant dedicated to production of foods including extracts, with a design based on three concepts.

The Tsukuba Plant Second Wing creates food extracts matching the customers product image that incorporate flavors freshly extracted from natural materials, and puts them in stable supply. To meet the needs of a wide range of customers, it was designed on the basis of three concepts.

The Tsukuba Plant Second Wing Concept