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Ogawa Flavors and Fragrances (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

We strive for steady growth through strategic global buisiness operations.

Our second overseas base, for expanding into the fast-growing Chinese market

 In the rapidly expanding Chinese market, Ogawa Flavors and Fragrances (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. creates flavors and fragrances for Japanese firms, Taiwanese firms and local customers. Equipped with facilities for research and application development, it has an integrative system covering all the fields of development, production and marketing. This new company was founded in 2004 as a second overseas base for diversifying our business operations. We respond to various customer needs in the local market by making steady efforts to manufacture and promptly provide products that specifically match the local tastes. Of course, the base also fulfills an important role in searching for and procuring materials like teas, fruits and flowers that are unique to China. Some of these materials are introduced to Japan as ingredients. We have high expectations for this base, through which we plan to conduct strategic global operations.