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Okayama Factory

We have a reliable system for maintaining strict quality control and protecting the surrounding environment.

Manufacturing flavors and fragrances

 The flavors and fragrances developed by the R&D centers are manufactured in the factory in accordance with the information and formulations provided by the centers. The factory, therefore, plays a crucial role in the final stage of flavor and fragrance development.
The form of the flavors/fragrances are usually powder form when used in final products such as powdered soup and chewing gum etc, and generally in liquid form when used in final liquid products, such as juice, ice cream and perfumes. We utilize a variety of special equipment in manufacturing our products. For example, to manufacture powder, we use a "spray drier," which mixes oil-based aroma components with fillers and dries these compounds into powder form.

Strict quality control system

 What we manufacture is a part of the final products our customers produce. Therefore, it is extremely crucial that our products are manufactured under strict quality control. Our quality control system extends to every stage of the manufacturing process, such as inspecting and storing the raw materials, faithfully following the formulations provided by the R&D centers, ensuring consistency in quality, judging the acceptability of products, and cleaning the plant for the cycle of production that follows. An important point of our inspection is that we conduct sensory evaluations of both the raw materials we receive and the products we ship. The quality control in our factory especially requires analytical examinations which check "whether the products manufactured in each cycle smell and taste steady."

The Quality Control Division at the factory undertakes the quality control and evaluations. The division consists of different sections: one conducting sensory evaluations, and another analyzing and testing product properties. The inspectors of sensory evaluations are responsible either for flavors or fragrances, and their evaluation capabilities are more than that of the researchers of the R&D centers.
Needless to say, it is also essential to take measures to consider the surrounding environment. In the manufacturing process, we utilize equipments that wash out the powder flavors, preventing them from being carried outside by hot air. We also have equipment that deodorizes the air by ozone oxidization, thereby preserving the surrounding environment.