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Maihama Research Center

Challenging and creating with customers through collaborative R&D

The Maihama Research Center, a venue for collaboration with customers

 A 30-minute drive from central Tokyo, our Maihama Research Center lies in an excellent location affording fine views of Tokyo Bay and Mount Fuji. The Maihama Research Center houses all research units: the Flavor R&D Division, Fragrance R&D Division, and Analytical Laboratory. The consolidation was aimed at having these units pool their respective strengths, share results, and communicate with each other to induce synergistic benefits. Another feature of the center is its environment for development through collaboration with customers. It is equipped with diverse facilities for the creation of targeted flavors and fragrances, and reconfirmation of the results, all with the participation of customers. The center is a venue for open collaboration with customers for innovation.

The importance of a comfortable research space for good product development

 The Maihama Research Center is also a "comfortable workplace." An expansive view of Tokyo Bay can be enjoyed from the cafeteria and the company restaurant, where researchers can come together to relax and communicate with those from different functions.

The view of Tokyo Bay from the cafeteria is breathtaking, especially at sunset, making us forget that we are in a research facility. On clear days, Mount Fuji can be seen in the distance before us. Also, all the staff rooms facing toward the sea help the staff work comfortably at their desks.

The nearest train station from the center is JR Maihama Station. We provide transportation for our customers from the station to the research center in company cars, as well as to and from the Head Office in Nihonbashi. Our staff members also commute from the station, using the regular bus services operated by the center.