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 The products we create at Ogawa & Co., Ltd. are mainly food flavors and fragrances for cosmetics and toiletries. All of our products are custom-made, which makes it extremely important for us to create products that precisely match the needs of our customers. Following our principle of "developing products in collaboration with our customers," we propose and give shape to what consumers are requesting. Receiving requests through direct contact with the customers, our sales staff responds to the needs of our customers promptly and accurately. The sales staff clarifies the image that each customer has in mind by offering suggestions as consultants. They then communicate the concept, image, and other necessary information about the customer's final product to the R&D staff. After many trials and errors, the nature of the new product is decided for their actual development.

We conduct research and development on "aroma" and "taste," two important factors that determine good flavors of foods and beverages. Besides creating authentic flavors, we also pursue safe and reliable food materials and develop highly innovative flavor products possessing additional values other than "aroma" and "taste." Through these efforts, we create products that can satisfy current needs diversifying day by day.

In addition to food flavors, we also conduct research and development of fragrances used for a vast array of products that provide comfort in various scenes of people's lives. These products include perfumes, cosmetics, soaps, shampoos, other toiletries, and daily necessities such as air fresheners. While target food products, perishables, processed foods, or home-cooked meals provide us with general images of the flavors we are aiming for, developing fragrances require a delicate sensibility to embody the images our customers have in mind. By using our flexible imagination and artistic sensibility, we propose fragrances that meet the customers' specific needs.