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A design house for fragrance to make life richer

Our Fragrance Department creates fragrances that fill lifestyles with comfort and enjoyment, in product fields such as cosmetics, shampoos, hair cares, and air fresheners. Transcending the scents of natural materials, our products exhibit a creative sensibility expressing the customer's images through fragrances.

Creating the latest fragrances using unique technology and sensibility.
Articulating new images in fragrances

 What kinds of fragrances are conjured up by key words such as "the scent of the moon" and "the smell of a wintry sky"? It is our fragrance business to articulate the image matching the customer's product concept with fragrances. The Fragrance Department develops fragrances that win the empathy of all and impart the same image to all. Ogawa's Fragrance Department is a design house for fragrances which applies outstanding technical skills and sensibility to create "one-of-a-kind" fragrances which match final products.

Business domains encompassing all fragrance-related fields

 Ogawa first started out in the fragrance business, and have a long record of achievements for a variety of products, including perfumes, cosmetics, soaps, shampoos, other bath and toiletry items, and air fresheners. We have captured a particularly large share of the market for car-use air fresheners, and also have large shares in fields where fragrance functionality is most effective, such as hair dyes and perm solutions in Japan. The Fragrance Department endeavors to discern the various possibilities of fragrances, and broaden its business domains to fields such as daily necessities, architecture and building materials, and medical services.

Total consulting services for the customer’s product development drawing on our fragrance application know-how.
Mobilizing fragrance professionals to articulate the target images

 To express the customer's product image through fragrances, the sales and research staff of the Fragrance Department work together to consult on approaches to product development. Our sales staff ascertain the customer needs and product concepts, and our perfumers compound fragrances on the basis of this information. This is followed in turn by application in prototype samples similar to our customer's final product, and sensory evaluations are conducted by our evaluators focusing on our customer's perspective. Such concerted activities by our fragrance professionals enable us to offer high-empathy fragrances which match product images.

Consulting services capitalizing on applied fragrance technology

 The Fragrance Department is distinguished by its outstanding know-how in application of fragrances to final products. It offers total consulting services for the creation of fragrances that perfectly match the customer's vision. In this business, we utilize this know-how in planning and proposing not only fragrances but also the final products themselves as well as in supporting alliances between customers. The Fragrance Department furnishes total support for the customer's product development through fragrances.

Flow of product development

We offer holistic support for the customer’s product development needs, through activities ranging from analysis to determine the necessary aromatic ingredients to proposals for the optimal production line.

Flow of product development