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We provide flavor solutions
that contribute to good taste and good health。

Our Flavor Department provides "flavor solutions".
We create new added values for beverages and foods through flavors.
Ogawa provides added values such as health and relaxation,
in addition to good taste.

Creating flavors to support saporous foods in a wide range of fields.
Supporting the rich food culture of Japan through beverages, processed foods, and other products

Flavors add aromas and tastes to beverages and foods, and determine deliciousness. Ogawa delivers flavors for a wide range of products, including processed foods, desserts, confections, coffee, juice, and tea. In the field of tea in particular, our extensive research of the aromatic ingredients of freshly brewed green tea starting from before the appearance of PET bottle tea beverages has made us the top choice for supply of green tea. But our success is hardly confined to green tea; we have been highly evaluated by many beverage and food manufacturers.

Delivering flavors requested by customers based on our store of research results

 The strength of our Flavor Department lies in our speedy development of flavors which matches the flavor concept of our customers. Through our long years of history, we have accumulated a wealth of research results for substances which hold the key to new flavors. By utilizing this store of knowledge, we can concoct flavors tailored to customer needs and generate added values beyond their expectations. We offer products that not only have "authentic flavors" but also squarely meet diversifying needs.

Product development in partnership with the customer for one-stop accommodation of various R&D needs.
Developing custom-made flavors in collaboration with customers

 The products of the Flavor Department are custom-made for each customer. The process begins with accurate understanding of customer needs and orders by our sales staff. This is followed by the creation of flavors corresponding with the customer's product concept by our R&D staff and flavorists. Furthermore, we make application samples similar to the final product and furnish them to the customer. The hallmark of our flavor development is arrangements allowing the customer to participate in the development process by exchanging feedback of the target flavor until the request is fulfilled. This collaboration with the customer gives birth to flavors that are truly custom-made.

Flavor solutions broadening to health and relaxation

 The Flavor Department makes full use of consulting strengths, flexibility, and information strengths to prepare proposals reflecting all pertinent factors, even the customer's brand image and market trends to accelerate our customer's product development process. In addition, we actively develop and offer flavors with functional elements in addition to the conventional flavors with aroma and taste, to endow final products with new added values for health, relaxation, stability, and masking. Ogawa provides customers with a one-stop flavor solution to accommodate all needs and give products a diverse value.

Product Development System

Our teams of experts with abundant experience determine customer needs and conduct requisite research. We help speed up our customer’s product development process.

Product Development System