Flavors and fragrances are a harmonious blend of limitless aromatic materials

Perfumers and flavorists are maestros. They blend flavors and fragrances day after day. 

Memories of one's younger days. Memories of precious moments with loved ones.
Healthy and cheerful meals. Clean and cozy places.
The coexistence of diversity and personal values.
An ethical and sustainable life.

These elements create a symphony with those inspired by the blending expertise of the perfumers and flavorists.
It brings a prestigious lifestyle to each and every individual.

The system that supports expert blending is a library of over a thousand kinds of materilas.
We constantly make improvements to our own essential oils and botanical extracts, as well as traditional and innovative materials from all over the world.
Various physicochemical examinations and microorganism tests, such as gas chromatography, liquid chromatography, mass spectrometry, nuclear magnetic resonance analysis, etc. support the system.

Our flavors and fragrances are produced at our in-house factory that has achieved a global standard certification.
Each zone is divided by clean level, where our trained staff engage in manufacturing by following the standardized process.
A traceability system is implemented to manage the entire flow from ingredient inspection to delivery, as well as a strict quality management and safe manufacturing system, which allow us to offer safe products to people around the world.

In this way, the marriage of science and art brings another new flavor and fragrance into the world today.

Flavors and fragrances, bringing a prestigious lifestyle to each and every person.

Designed and developed
by trained perfumers & flavorists
Perfumers and flavorists who have undergone our in-house education program design and develop our products.
Assessment and examination of use suitability
The developed flavors and fragrances are made into products through assessment and examination of use suitability.
Thorough management of ingredient information
Detailed regulation information and standard information of each ingredient is entered into our database and thoroughly managed.
Various instrumental analysis
We are constantly striving to improve the level of quality every day, making full use of various instruments and analysis techniques.